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I've been using kphotoalbum since 2002, but not really "properly".
They I use is:
Copy photographs to computer, in direfferent folders:

  /Photographs/2018/2018-01-01_New Year
  /Photographs/2018/2018-02-14_Ana Bithday
/Photographs/2019 /
  /Photographs/2019/2019-03-19_Trip to Rusia

And kphotoalbum database is inside /Photographs.

The first 4 years of use, I tagged pictures with People, Places, Events...
But nowadays What I were doing was to use the Tokens for select pictures to
keep which ones to delete, which ones to send to a friend...
Even I do not know which would be the right old database.xml file.

Now I started to catalog all of them, But I would like to now what
categories and keywords do other people use. I now this is not a problem
with a single solution, but some tips would be useful.
Yesterday, I tagged a some pictures with Keyword="river", and several
photographs later, I started to tag a set of photographs of a trip to a
river source, where some of them do not have the river itself in the
photograph. So, how to deal with this?
How do you use label, and descriptions fields?

I found this place:
But I found that list really huge.

As a side question, I could not find an option fix the Zoom level while
viewing images. Could be a nice feature to compare to or three photographs
in a series for the sharpest of them. Is this possible?

Thank you all.

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