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Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Tue Apr 23 12:37:03 CEST 2019

Go Johannes!!

Also from my side, thank you everyone who have contributed to KPhotoalbum
with various different ways so far - please keep doing so also in the
future :)

So happy to see I made a good choice years ago when importing my archive to
KPhotoAlbum & starting to tag images* - the KPA project is still alive
after all these years and I believe it will never lead to a dead end with
photo archive. It's c00l to be able to amaze family & friends with how
easily I can find almost any of my photos with KPhotoAlbum - a task with
'stored in folders' method makes virtually impossible.


* - tagging images - A task far from complete.. and it will never be

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 11:30 PM Johannes Zarl-Zierl <johannes at zarl-zierl.at>

> Hello everybody!
> I have asked Jesper, as the last "official" maintainer, as well as my co-
> developers Tobias and Robert how they would like me taking the position of
> maintainer for KPhotoAlbum.
> In short: I'm glad to inform you that I am the new maintainer ;-)
> What does this mean?
> When Jesper laid down maintainership back in 2012[1], that position
> contained
> maintenance tasks (updating the website, creating releases, support) as
> well as being "the voice of KPhotoAlbum".
> Although there never was an official successor to Jesper, Jan and Miika
> took
> up the maintenance tasks, thus keeping the project alive. I did a single
> release myself, but since 2015, Tobias took over and now does all our
> releases
> and website maintenance.
> So that leaves me in the lucky position to have all the tedious work done
> by
> Tobias and I can focus on support and development :)
> So, what does this change?
> For now, not so much. Mostly When I talk to other KDE people, I can not
> call
> myself the maintainer for KPhotoAlbum, or the project lead. I also take
> the
> endorsement of my co-developers as a sign that they are confident that I
> lead
> the project in the right direction[2].
> In short: this helps me in being the lead developer and in speaking for
> the
> project.
> Speaking of which - I think this is a good time to speak for the
> KPhotoAlbum
> project:
> I'd like to thank everyone who helped make KPhotoAlbum what it is today.
> Thank
> you Jesper for starting us on this journey and for all the work you poured
> into it! Thanks to all previous and current contributors! Git log
> currently
> lists 65 committers, but that only grasps a small part of all people who
> contributed to KPhotoAlbum. A special thanks to all the translators who do
> an
> amazing job!
> Also, I would like to thank all people writing here on the mailing list
> (and
> occasionally in IRC or via personal email) - a community of users that
> actually want to use a KPhotoAlbum makes writing and improving it so much
> more
> fun :)
> Cheers,
>   Johannes
> [1] https://mail.kdab.com/pipermail/kphotoalbum/2012-January/004799.html
> [2] More on my plans soon…_______________________________________________
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