[KPhotoAlbum] "Maintenance" -> "Statistics.." does something completely different

Andreas Schleth schleth_es at web.de
Sun Nov 25 18:28:27 CET 2018

Hi Johannes,

in the latest few git-master revisions I found a strange menu entry 
below "maintenance":

"Statistics.."  This led to the dialog "Do you really want to rebuild 
all thumbnails?" - so clearly a misnomer.

I found the culprit in MainWindow/Window.cpp: The line to call the 
statistics dialog was simply missing.

Attached please find a patch against today's git-master to re-introduce 
the statistics dialog. It seems to do what it is called.

However, I do not have the faintest idea what I really did :-)  I just 
copied the line with buildThumbs above and exchanged the appropriate 

Could You please check if this makes any sense?


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diff --git a/MainWindow/Window.cpp b/MainWindow/Window.cpp
index 4fd8672c..03081ab7 100644
--- a/MainWindow/Window.cpp
+++ b/MainWindow/Window.cpp
@@ -898,6 +898,7 @@ void MainWindow::Window::setupMenuBar()
     a = actionCollection()->addAction( QString::fromLatin1("buildThumbs"), this, SLOT(slotBuildThumbnails()) );
     a->setText( i18n("Build Thumbnails") );
+    a = actionCollection()->addAction( QString::fromLatin1("statistics"), this, SLOT(slotStatistics()) );
     a->setText( i18n("Statistics...") );
     m_markUntagged = actionCollection()->addAction(QString::fromUtf8("markUntagged"),

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