[KPhotoAlbum] GPS - get info from gpx, not from Exif

Benny Simonsen benny at slbs.dk
Sat Feb 25 21:20:45 CET 2017

> Tobias: Why don't you want to store the data in the EXIF header? This
won't change your image data, and there's a specific EXIF field for this
very use case. It's just like storing the correct roation of an image.

My primary reason for not modifying the original images are the first case
Robert explained:
> ..., but one of the key points about KPA (to me, at any rate) is that it
doesn't insist
> on modifying files to store metadata. Every time you modify a file,
something can
> go wrong.
I think that thise is a fundamental thing in KPA

Other reasons:
- The checksum that are created when I import pictures to the computer will
break if I change them
- Backup - 2 versions of each image
- Most images I have in KPA are in RAW format

Why I use RAW images in KPA (Off topic, but might be interesting for
- KPA handles RAW images well - I have various versions of Canon RAW and a
few Nikon RAW images
- 90% (or more) of my images are never processed manually
- When sharing images with others, I generate a html page with jpegs
- I have changed my flow from batch generating jpg's from RAW images, Prior
I generated jpg's as path of batch processing during import and used them
in KPA (don't remember why)
  - Backsides by auto-converting images:
    - Time consuming
    - Space consuming

My newest RAW images are around 24MB

> Getting the correct coordinates from a GPX track is not such an easy task
in some cases (according to my experience), thus I check the coordinates
and store them in the images to be sure they are correct.
I know that, and therefore I would like to store information in a metadata
file, and the final GPS data (with optional manual adjustments) should
propably be stored in a separate database and then injected into
exif-info.db or let KPA read the GPS data from a separte database.
Even though I normally prefer command line processing this might be a task
where a GUI would be good.

Just to clearify: Rotating images in KPhotoAlbum (e.g. by hitting 7 or 9)
does not change time exif data, it specifies the rotation index.xml.
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