[KPhotoAlbum] GPS - get info from gpx, not from Exif

Benny Simonsen benny at slbs.dk
Thu Feb 23 12:21:57 CET 2017


If I have understood the GPS mechanism correct, then the GPS location is
taken from the Exif data.
But I have also some gpx files that I would like to use for getting GPS
positions of my images *without* modifying my pictures.

I know that I can use e.g. gpsprune to embed the GPS data into the exif of
the images, but I don't like to modify my original images from camera.

What is the recommended way or how does other use the GPS support?
My approach is to embed the GPS into exif-info.db from a script - but are
there cases where the data in exif-info.db are flushed, except if I delete
it; regenerate it from KPhotoAlbum?

The script should be fully automatic based on:
- Camera ID(first part of filename)+timestamp in index.xml
- gpx-files (named depending on if it is mine, or another family member)
- A separate meta-data file:
  - Correlates camera and qpx files (can change over time)
  - Time offset in cameras

Anyone knowing of something that I should look into to get inspired / reuse
- It could e.g. be a good tool for injecting GPS data into images that I
modify to inject it into exif-info.db instead.

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