[KPhotoAlbum] Problem with working set not updating when changing something

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Sun Feb 19 21:23:10 CET 2017

Hi Robert,

Thanks for reminding me of this bug.
The issue should be fixed by commit 1721b49d.


On Sonntag, 19. Februar 2017 13:43:18 CET Robert Krawitz wrote:
> Not sure how best to describe this...but...
> To reproduce:
> $ kphotoalbum --demo
> Select keyword "scanned in"
> Show thumbnails
> Select some of the thumbnails, tag them "a"
> Click "back"
> Tokens is grayed out and unclickable.
> As of v4.7.3, "Tokens" icon was grayed out, but it was clickable.  As
> of v5.0-beta1, it's no longer clickable.  Same thing applies if I add
> another keyword to some of the images -- I can't go back to the top
> level panel with a selection and narrow it down further based on
> changes I made in this context; I have to go all the way back to top
> level.
> This is very annoying; my usual workflow when processing a basketball
> game (anywhere between 1500 and 2500 photos) is:
> 1) Keyword all of the photos with the name of the game.
> 2) Select the appropriate keyword from top level.
> 3) Go through all of the photos; tag the ones I like with "A" and the
>    ones I want to delete with "D" (usually most of them I don't toss,
>    but don't select to upload either).
> 4) Add "<game_name> selection" as a keyword to the selected set.
>    This is where it gets problematic.  I currently have to go back to
>    top level after tagging the photos, select the keyword I want
>    (basically, go back to step 2), click Tags, select A, apply the
>    keyword, and remove the tag.
> I can't bisect this very easily, because basically all the changes
> between v4.7.3 and v5.0-beta1 were intermediate changes during the
> port, so they won't compile.

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