[KPhotoAlbum] Bug in member groups

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Sat Feb 18 22:51:57 CET 2017


I'd like to announce a subtle screw-up by yours truly concerning member 

When renaming a tag that is a member of a tag group[1], the tag was no longer 
a member of that group.
Also, deleting a member of a tag group would not work.

This bug is present since kphotoalbum 4.7, up to the latest release.
A fix is available in git master and will be part of kphotoalbum 5.2.

Apologies for any inconveniences,

[1] e.g. in the demo database, the tag "Odense" is a member of tag group 
"Denmark". Further info: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=376635

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