[KPhotoAlbum] KPA 5.1 issue list

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Fri Dec 30 21:51:39 CET 2016

Hi Martin,

[Disclaimer: I'm slowly wading through my email backlog, please be patient]

On Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016 18:59:55 CET Martin Jost wrote:
> 1. KPA 5.1 might crash after reading new images, if "ffmpeg" isn't
> installed.
> I just re-checked and had to add this "might".
> KPA crashed reproducibly when it had to read a bigger bunch of photos
> from my DSLR (24 MPixel). It had no problems, if "ffmpeg" was present.

This seems strange if you only imported photos. ffmpeg/mplayer is only ever 
used when dealing with videos.

> Note that mplayer had been present all the time, but mplayer2 hasn't (No
> longer available)

Trivia: MPlayer2 being discontinued is the reason I finally got around to 
implement ffmpeg support.

> 2. "Maintenance/Build thumbnails" doesn't seem to work
> If I start this, the progress bar stays at 0 %, even if I leave it ~ 1
> h. It also seems to me, that only the thumbnails are created, where I
> scroll the view to.

Thanks for the report - fixed in git master (ec957657).

> 3. Annotation dialog too high
> The annotation dialog started out (much) too high.
> Probably because of this new 'map' in it.
> The buttons were pushed down below the visible space on the screen.
> That happened on the laptop as well as on the much bigger PC displays.
> This can be solved by editing sizes and contents and then save this.
> But I guess for newbies, this is much too well hidden.

Yes, we should fixed this...

> 4. At least in one install, parts of the menu entries had been missing,
> due to missing permissions on
> /usr/local/share/kphotoalbum
> /usr/local/etc/xdg/kphotoalbumrc
> (and sub dirs in the path)
> Note that I build as a normal user, but install as 'root'.
> At the same time my root account has a limited umask (077) set.
> I guess the install process should give explicit permissions, instead of
> relying on umask or the one already present on installed files.
> 5. Starting on the command line gives a hint/warning
> gollum:> kphotoalbum
> KXMLGUI file found at deprecated location
> ("/usr/local/share/kphotoalbum/kphotoalbumui.rc") -- please use
> ${KXMLGUI_INSTALL_DIR} to install this file instead.

I'll look into these two...

> 6. "Settings birthdays" duplicates the year in the GUI
> If I select in "Settings birthdays" a date e.g. 28. Dec. 2016, I get as
> result in the left pane "28. Dec. 20162016".
> The same happens, if I enter a date by hand.
> This seems to be a presentation problem. If I look at index.xml I find e.g.:
> <value value="Copyright" id="42" birthDate="2000-01-06"/>

AFAIK Tobias is already looking into this...

> 7. Too many double clicks
> In my system settings, I have configured KDE to use double clicks to
> "open files and folders " (as the explanation says)
> Now I have to also use double clicks e.g. to "enter" the different top
> level items on the main screen. ("People", "Places", ...)
> Even if I want to select an entry in "Settings/Birthdays" I need a
> double click.
> These turn to single clicks, if I change this KDE setting.
> But because I want this "single click to just select", this is no good
> option.
> The behaviour had been single clicks, irrespective of the settings in
> previous versions. (I assume this is an effect of KDE4 <=> 5 and not a
> conscious change in KPA itself)
> Is there a way to change this ?

Interesting. We should fix this, even though I don't have any idea yet what's 
causing this. Please file a bug report to track this...

> And: I'll be out of reach of a usable internet until the second week in
> Jan. So please give me time to answer on requests concerning this.

Great - I hope I'll have caught up with my backlog of emails by then ;-)


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