[KPhotoAlbum] KPA & continuity - life after us..

Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Thu Dec 29 20:57:08 CET 2016


Andreas wrote some days ago a message about 'rough edges' of KPA. Maybe a
bit related to that some thoughts.

I run KPA on Ubuntu. My backups are on ext3/4 disks. The photos are
valuable and I'd like to see them being available for - generations to come.

If something happens to me - how will my family be able to find the images?
The files can be found on backup disks. I've marked the backup USB drives
with "ext3/4" on permanent marker :D so an ext3/4 reader for Windows should
do the trick. But to get to KPA tags etc ie. setting up KPA & Linux/stuff
will be much more harder and unlike to happen.

One thouhgt I had was to store the tags as EXIF/IPTC on the files to allow
them to be read with any program existing decades later, if the hardware
interfaces & ext fs is still known (and JPG & RAW formats...)

Has anyone of you thought this somehow? How will your photos be used after
you're gone?


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