[KPhotoAlbum] KPA 5.1 issue list

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at gmx.de
Wed Dec 28 19:15:50 CET 2016

Hi all,

Thanks for all the feedback and esp. for the list! We will work on it asap 
(Johannes is on vacation and I'm sick right now, so give us some days ;-)

Just some comments I can do without investigating it further:

For #1, I have no idea ...

> 2. "Maintenance/Build thumbnails" doesn't seem to work
> If I start this, the progress bar stays at 0 %, even if I leave it ~ 1
> h. It also seems to me, that only the thumbnails are created, where I
> scroll the view to.

This function was addded to avoid the "just in time" thumbnail creation for 
those wo don't want this. Should work, this is most probably a regression of 
the Qt5/Kf5 port.

> 3. Annotation dialog too high
> The annotation dialog started out (much) too high.
> Probably because of this new 'map' in it.
> The buttons were pushed down below the visible space on the screen.
> That happened on the laptop as well as on the much bigger PC displays.
> This can be solved by editing sizes and contents and then save this.
> But I guess for newbies, this is much too well hidden.

Should not happen. The Annotation Dialog's geometry is a bit hard and we have 
multiple unfixed issues or at least behavior we don't want there ... :-(

> 4. At least in one install, parts of the menu entries had been missing,
> due to missing permissions on
> /usr/local/share/kphotoalbum
> /usr/local/etc/xdg/kphotoalbumrc
> (and sub dirs in the path)
> Note that I build as a normal user, but install as 'root'.
> At the same time my root account has a limited umask (077) set.
> I guess the install process should give explicit permissions, instead of
> relying on umask or the one already present on installed files.

Probably also a porting issue. Interestingly, no bug concerning this was filed 
yet – I don't think anything about the install process was changed. But it's 
Johannes who's the cmake expert.

> 5. Starting on the command line gives a hint/warning
> gollum:> kphotoalbum
> KXMLGUI file found at deprecated location
> ("/usr/local/share/kphotoalbum/kphotoalbumui.rc") -- please use
> ${KXMLGUI_INSTALL_DIR} to install this file instead.

This change should be no problem.

> 6. "Settings birthdays" duplicates the year in the GUI
> If I select in "Settings birthdays" a date e.g. 28. Dec. 2016, I get as
> result in the left pane "28. Dec. 20162016".
> The same happens, if I enter a date by hand.
> This seems to be a presentation problem. If I look at index.xml I find e.g.:
> <value value="Copyright" id="42" birthDate="2000-01-06"/>

This is a regression. Exceptionally, I'm the right person to talk to regarding 
this. I "fixed" that dialog recently, because it was fully dysfunctional and 
could even crash KPA. Alas, the smart KDE date functions were removed and I 
had to write kind-of-smart new ones (which seem to be not-so-smart after all 
;-) I'll investigate this asap.

> 7. Too many double clicks
> In my system settings, I have configured KDE to use double clicks to
> "open files and folders " (as the explanation says)
> Now I have to also use double clicks e.g. to "enter" the different top
> level items on the main screen. ("People", "Places", ...)
> Even if I want to select an entry in "Settings/Birthdays" I need a
> double click.
> These turn to single clicks, if I change this KDE setting.
> But because I want this "single click to just select", this is no good
> option.
> The behaviour had been single clicks, irrespective of the settings in
> previous versions. (I assume this is an effect of KDE4 <=> 5 and not a
> conscious change in KPA itself)
> Is there a way to change this ?

Most probably, this is a porting problem. We did not change the behavior 

> Now I need my usual "disclaimer":
> This is no ranting on KPA - I like the program very much.
> Thanks for all the effort spend on it !

You're welcome ;-)

Cheers, Tobias

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