[KPhotoAlbum] [Digikam-users] batch adjust exif date/time

Andreas Schleth schleth_es at web.de
Wed Dec 28 18:56:46 CET 2016

Hi Gilles,

searching for the whereabouts of the nifty timeadjust KIPI plugin, I 
found this:

The Time Adjust kipi tool for digiKam 5 have been moved to digiKam BQM just
few days ago. It will arrive at next release.

Gilles Caulier

URL: https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/digikam-users/2016-May/022210.html

Does this mean, all other tools (except Digikam) that use(d) this plugin 
are now without?
I used the KIPI plugins via Kphotoalbum and found that all batch plugins 
are gone now.  Only all these exporter plugins are there.

Would there be a possibility to find the old plugins somewhere?

Best regards, Andreas Schleth

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