[KPhotoAlbum] Some thoughts for KPA 5.2

Andreas Schleth schleth_es at web.de
Tue Dec 27 14:36:29 CET 2016

Hi everybody,

for me, the current version of KPA works fine.  But I always have some 
explaining and some works "in the basement" to do if my wife or others 
use KPA.  Therefore, I think some ironing out rough edges would be 
beneficial for all of us:

a) Annotation dialog:
This is one of the best and central features of KPA.  I tried a quite 
few other photo tagging tools and always came back to KPA. Therefore I 
think, this central feature should be as polished as it can get:
  - It should always start up either in full screen or at most in screen 
size.  Right now it always starts up in a size larger than my screen.
  - Saving a layout should also save the (relative) sizes of all widgets 
including the preview image
  - window layout should get a dedicated button at the lower left edge 
to ease accessibility
  - In the latest version, sorting the tags by time seems to be a bit 
off - could this have a connection with saving the index file in a 
different way now?
  - @Martin Füssel: as you are looking at the map interface: how about 
some method of mapping the places tag to a map feature?  Or a point and 
click map interface to create a new geo location?  I have a lot of old 
scans from slides ...

b) Selecting images by date/time/search:
Being able to drill down to a few images among a large set of some 10000 
with a few clicks is impressive and the second power feature of KPA.  
This also could use a few optimizations:
  - the lens on the date bar (the_lens.jpg):
On startup it always resides on the oldest image.  Or if a range is 
selected and then expanded (switch resolution from years to months), it 
always sits on the left end of the range.  Now imagine the case, you 
have very old pictures (in my case, starting from 1926): then one has to 
shift some 90 years to the right before one can start drilling down.

c) Using a database with several users:
We have a family album which is accessed by various members of the 
family (all different users, same group). This only works on the 
condition that I periodically change the permissions of .thumbnails to 
rw-rw-r-- manually.  All files of KPA should inherit the permissions of 
index.xml to make these low level repairs unnecessary.

All these things are no great new features, but would really make KPA 
more accessible to less technically oriented users.  I would love to see 
KPA enter the circle of programs installed per default in the large 
distributions some time.

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