[KPhotoAlbum] possible new feature: select images from map

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Thu Dec 22 22:30:26 CET 2016

Hi Matthias,

On Samstag, 17. Dezember 2016 19:19:45 CET Matthias Füssel wrote:
> So the attached patch creates a "map browser" similar to the category
> browser and folder browser. This browser shows a map with all images that
> match the current filter criteria. When you select a region, it adds
> another filter that matches all images that have a geolocation and are
> inside the selected area.

I really like it. I've added a feature branch BrowserGeoPositionPage to track 
the development of the patch(set).

> There are a few limitations:
>  * There are no optimisations for large numbers of images on the KPhotoAlbum
> side: Everything works surprisingly well for a few thousand images, but if
> you have a lot more images with geo tags and use the map browser on all of
> them, things will probably get very slow. Workaround: Use other filters
> before the map browser (e.g. the timeline) to reduce the number of images
> the map browser has to deal with.

Fair enough. The same problem exists in the annotation dialog. A progress 
indicator and the possibility to cancel and go back to the previous page would 
probably reduce the practical impact of this issue...

>  * Once you have selected the map browser, it is not very obvious what you
> should do: you have to guess that you should draw a rectangle, have to find
> that (rather small) button to switch to "region selection mode" and then
> have to draw the rectangle using the rather unintuitive "2 click" method
> (instead of "click and drag").


>  * If you use more than one geoposition filter in the same "query", I'm not
> sure if every variation of using the breadcrumbs will behave as expected
> (just using "back" and "forward" works).

That will need some testing. I hope that other people will try out the feature 
branch and give their feedback...

>  * I've tried not to break compiling KPhotoAlbum without kgeomap feature,
> but have never tested whether it actually works.

It did not. But I've fixed it before committing your patch.

> For these reasons -- and because it duplicates functionality that is already
> there -- I'm not sure whether this should be included in the "mainstream"
> release. But since it works quite well for me, I want to share it with
> everybody who likes it ;-)

This is definitely something that I (and probably others) want in KPA. I think 
I even think I remember a short discussion when Tobias added the KGeoMap 
functionality that such a page would be nice. It's just that nobody ever got 
around to do actually implement it ;-)


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