[KPhotoAlbum] possible new feature: select images from map

Matthias Füssel matthias.fuessel at gmx.net
Sat Dec 17 19:19:45 CET 2016

Hello again,

this is a larger change, and possibly more controversial:

I always wanted to see my images on a large map and select them by selecting
an area, like I can select images by selecting a category tag.

I know that I can select an area on a map in the "advanced search" dialog,
but I don't see the images on that map, and the map is far too small for my
taste, and too far away from the main window.

So the attached patch creates a "map browser" similar to the category browser
and folder browser. This browser shows a map with all images that match the
current filter criteria. When you select a region, it adds another filter
that matches all images that have a geolocation and are inside the selected area.

There are a few limitations:
 * There are no optimisations for large numbers of images on the KPhotoAlbum
side: Everything works surprisingly well for a few thousand images, but if
you have a lot more images with geo tags and use the map browser on all of
them, things will probably get very slow. Workaround: Use other filters
before the map browser (e.g. the timeline) to reduce the number of images the
map browser has to deal with.

 * Once you have selected the map browser, it is not very obvious what you
should do: you have to guess that you should draw a rectangle, have to find
that (rather small) button to switch to "region selection mode" and then have
to draw the rectangle using the rather unintuitive "2 click" method (instead
of "click and drag").

 * If you use more than one geoposition filter in the same "query", I'm not
sure if every variation of using the breadcrumbs will behave as expected
(just using "back" and "forward" works).

 * I've tried not to break compiling KPhotoAlbum without kgeomap feature, but
have never tested whether it actually works.

For these reasons -- and because it duplicates functionality that is already
there -- I'm not sure whether this should be included in the "mainstream"
release. But since it works quite well for me, I want to share it with
everybody who likes it ;-)

Matthias Füssel
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