[KPhotoAlbum] Thanks for 4.7.1 & kipi (sendimage) crash...

Just Lettuce justlettuce at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 06:52:12 CEST 2016

Somehow that must have been it?  Followed the same sequence as before 
- compiling everything, and now it works?!?   Must have missed a step 
in the first round.  Not sure which.  Ah well...
(and yes, worked in digiKam all along...)


>I assume that the same crash does not happen e.g. in gwenview?
>If the recompilation does not help, could you please send the 
>relevant version
>information? I.e. the output of the following commands:
># package versions:
>dpkg -l "libkipi*" "kipi-plugins*"
># kipi version that KPA links against:
>ldd `which kphotoalbum` |grep kipi
>   Johannes

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