[KPhotoAlbum] Thanks for 4.7.1 & kipi (sendimage) crash...

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Mon Apr 25 21:37:07 CEST 2016


> Anyway, successfully compiled 4.7.1 awhile back and it has been
> working well...  Until I tried to email photos via the kipi-plugins.
> Email images plugin used to work fine, but now crashes whenever I try to
> send.

This sounds like you upgraded your system's kipi, but did not recompile 
kphotoalbum. At least that's the most common source of kipi-related crashes in 
my experience…

Can you verify that your libkipi-dev package has the same version number as 
the kipi plugins, and then recompile kphotoalbum to make sure it has been 
built against the same version as well?

> Noting now that it does not crash if I unselect "Adjust Image
> Properties" - though I rather need this option!

I assume that the same crash does not happen e.g. in gwenview?

If the recompilation does not help, could you please send the relevant version 
information? I.e. the output of the following commands:

# package versions:
dpkg -l "libkipi*" "kipi-plugins*"
# kipi version that KPA links against:
ldd `which kphotoalbum` |grep kipi


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