[KPhotoAlbum] mark untagged menu item patch

Reimar Imhof Reimar.Imhof at netcologne.de
Tue Jun 16 22:23:52 CEST 2015

Hi Tobias,

I used the annotation dialog for setting an image/video "untagged" again. I 
just had to close the dialog by "continue" button. And if I closed it by "ok" 
button I could open it again, mark an image as untagged and close by 
"continue". Of course, it could cause confusion.


Am Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015, 22:18:11 schrieb Tobias Leupold:
> Hi Reimar!
> Thanks for the patch :-)
> I'll take a look at it, I think this is basically a nice idea. Just fyi: I
> removed the "untagged image" tag from the annotation dialog (it really was
> not that easy ;-) simply because if you set it, you annotate the image –
> and as soon as you have annotated an image, that tag is removed (at least
> as soon as you save the database). So seeing it actually did not allow you
> to "untag" an image, but only caused confusion. At least here ...
> Cheers, Tobias
> E-Mail vom 16.06.2015, 22:09 von Reimar Imhof:
> > Hallo,
> > 
> > attached is a patch for a new menu item: "mark untagged".
> > 
> > As with kphotoalbum 4.6.1/4.6.2 the "untagged images" tag is no longer
> > shown in the annotation dialog I needed a way to mark photos/videos
> > untagged again. I put it to the maintenance menu since "untagging" is not
> > every days activity ;-)
> > 
> > Cheers
> > Reimar
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