[KPhotoAlbum] gps search: a patch

Reimar Imhof Reimar.Imhof at netcologne.de
Sat Jun 13 12:39:06 CEST 2015

Hi Tobias, hi Johannes,

thanks for your work on the gps search.

There are two patches I suggest to revert them:

82a56c0	"In search mode, center the map so that it will be completely visible 
when starting the dialog."
If you have subsequent searches I'd like the map not to move to an initial 
position. I'd like to stay at the same position and do not need to navigate to 
my last position again. And even when starting the first gps search after 
kphotoalbum start: I like it being taken to the last map position I was using.

ad318d3	"Hide the setLastCenterButton button in the search dialog, because 
it's not meaningful there."
If that patch 82a56c0 was removed, showing the setLastCenterButton again could 
just bring the center functionality. You could say "Bring me back" and press 
the button. Or you don't and just don't press the button.

What do you think?


Am Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2015, 21:21:46 schrieb Tobias Leupold:
> > I've seen the removeCurrentSelectionButton but I couldn't find a way using
> > it. I think it's used in the more complex digikam gps search, that allows
> > to search for more complex areas, if I got that right. I didn't try to
> > adopt that - I'm happy with what I have ;-)
> > I've also seen that this button is always disabled, and I couldn't find a
> > way to at least get rid of it or even use it. Well, I've just forgotten to
> > ask for how to use that button - so I can't help you.
> I asked the Digikam/libkgeomap guys about that. Let's see if we get an
> answer ;-)
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