[KPhotoAlbum] gps search: a patch

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl.at
Thu Jun 4 14:37:35 CEST 2015

On Thursday 04 June 2015 14:19:40 Tobias Leupold wrote:
> > You don't even need to make it a checkbox in the settings dialog - you
> > could just make it a button on the map widget of the search dialog.
> > Once you turn it on and complete the exif db transformation, it doesn't
> > make sense to turn it off again. Or does it?
> We are only talking of a one-time rebuild of the EXIF db, aren't we? So why
> not simply enable it for new setups (as the EXIF db will be filled with GPS
> data anyway in this case) and add a button "Enable GPS search". If the user
> clicks on this one, we display a message:
> "Enabling the GPS search requires a rebuild of the EXIF database. This
> process can take some minutes. Do you want to run the rebuild now? --> Yes
> / No".
> If that update is done, we add some value to the config (which is set by
> default for new setups) and don't display that button anymore.

That config value is exactly the thing I was talking about. Hence the "Re-
reading the exif db could also enable gps search."


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