[KPhotoAlbum] gps search: a patch

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl.at
Thu Jun 4 13:07:18 CEST 2015


Personally, option 2+4 has the most appeal to me.

On Wednesday 03 June 2015 19:41:52 Reimar Imhof wrote:
> if we wanted Option 2 (update on startup) it needed to include a question
> "Do you want to prepare for gps search? It could take some time." (or
> something like that).
> About option 1: How about a progress bar with cancel button? After pressing
> cancel there could be an info about the implicit gps preparation saying
> searching will be fast if not searching for gps position info and searching
> will be fast again after the first gps search has been done.

My gut feeling is that this ends up being frustrating to users.

> To option 3: The automatic exiv update is already (kphotoalbum 4.6.2)
> triggered when opening the annotation dialog. It just deals with the shown
> pictures and does not convert the exiv info for all pictures.

I'm aware of that. The rationale for this was that the annotation dialog is 
mostly used with relatively small subsets of the general pictures. I.e. you 
invest the time in small chunks instead of a single multi-hour investment.

> What about an option 4: Have a new checkbox in the kphotoalbum options
> dialog "enable gps search". When doing so it could ask if the gps info
> should be converted because it's time consuming. Option 2 and 4 could be
> combined.

Having a config option seems reasonable - you can enable the gps search by 
default for new users only. Re-reading the exif db could also enable gps 

You don't even need to make it a checkbox in the settings dialog - you could 
just make it a button on the map widget of the search dialog.
Once you turn it on and complete the exif db transformation, it doesn't make 
sense to turn it off again. Or does it?

> Perhaps option 1 (progress bar with cancel button) could also be useful if a
> search process just takes a little more time. For example on my machine the
> first gps search costs about 2 seconds. When I've taken more pictures those
> 2 seconds will become 3, 4 or 5 seconds. And that's to long for a program
> not showing any response.
> I'd like to have a progress bar (including cacnel option).

That would be an individual feature unrelated to the gps search. I can see the 
value of it, though...


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