[KPhotoAlbum] gps search: a patch

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at web.de
Mon Jun 1 00:17:17 CEST 2015

Hi Reimar!

I just had a quick look at your patch (actually at the cleaned up version in 
the gpssearch branch). Looks very nice :-) Only thing I changed is to hide the 
mode selection when the annotation dialog is opened in annotation mode, as we 
don't need the selection there (to keep the UI clean and as simple as 

Just speaking of the UI: There's a QToolButton* removeCurrentSelectionButton 
inside the KGeoMap widget connected with an action called 
"actionRemoveCurrentRegionSelection", with the text "Remove the current region 
selection". Apparently, this is intended to do the very same as your newly 
added "m_deleteSearchRegionButton" button.

(At least here) It's always disabled. Do you have an idea how to enable it (I 
didn't manage to do so ;-) This way, we could cheap out the extra button.

Cheers, Tobias

E-Mail vom 31.05.2015, 21:59 von Reimar Imhof:
> Hallo,
> here you'll find a patch for a simple gps search.
> It's included in the search dialog. The map comes up in standard pan mode -
> you can change that to region selection.
> If you select a region you'll get images with gps coordinates in that
> region. Images without gps info will not be found.
> If you want to select images without gps info or don't care about gps you
> just don't need to select a region. Or you could press the new "Remove
> Search Region" button.
> There is one little problem in
> KGeoMap::GeoCoordinates DB::ImageInfo::coordinates() const
> This runs an exifdb update if it's not version 2.
> This update just takes a little time. That's why the first search including
> gps info might take some time. And there is no search progress bar...
> Enhancements are welcome.
> Reimar

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