[KPhotoAlbum] People and Locations categories not loaded anymore

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at web.de
Thu Nov 27 18:40:17 CET 2014

> What's the difference between the compressed and uncompressed format,
> anyway?

Just look at the two example files I sent to the list, there, you can see the 
difference. The way tags are added to images is less complex (imo more 
convenient) in the "fast" format, and IDs are used instead of the complete 
names. Also, the tags go in an attribute of the image. Like:

	<image ... Category="1,5,15"/>

For the "readable" format, the same would be:

	<image ...>
			<option name="Category">
				<value value="Tag 1"/>
				<value value="Tag 5"/>
				<value value="Tag 15"/>

It's much more text to write to a file (per image!) and thus slower to 
process. One can argue about which one is more "readable" ;-) but at least, 
the "readable" format contains all information for each image inside the 
<image> tag, so it would be easier to parse it using something else than KPA. 
But it also contains a lot of redundant data.

I personally would rather develop a completely new XML format :-P but very 
likely, this will not happen ;-)

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