[KPhotoAlbum] People and Locations categories not loaded anymore

Johannes Zarl johannes at zarl.at
Thu Nov 27 00:26:18 CET 2014

Hi Tobias,

Sorry, I didn't see that you were working on a solution, as well. In the 
meantime, I have pushed my own solution, which can be seen in commit 015ccf0.

Could you please all check whether the fix in git master works for your 
database correctly?

@Christoph: Sorry again for breaking your database! I don't know how this 
could slip past me (especially since the bug affected my database as well!).


On Thursday 27 November 2014 00:07:36 Tobias Leupold wrote:
> Hi Johannes/Christoph/List,
> the problem is that XMLDB::Database::possibleLoadCompressedCategories looks
> for the "new", already updated category names, while the XML still contains
> the "old" ones. Thus, this data is lost.
> I attached a patch fixing the issue, at least partially. I introduced a new
> function to XMLDB::Database which tells the file version of the loaded
> database. If it's too old (< 6), the "old" category names are looked up.
> I'm pretty sure we still have to handle the case when localized standard
> category names are stored in the database, which are substituted by their
> modern C locale counterpart. This is a bit more tricky ;-)
> But at least, I hope this is a good starting point for fixing this issue.
> Cheers and good night, Tobias
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