[KPhotoAlbum] CMakeLists.txt and libkface

Johannes Zarl johannes at zarl.at
Fri Nov 14 19:21:46 CET 2014

On Friday 14 November 2014 16:26:50 Tobias Leupold wrote:

> So I tried it with:
> 	find_package(Kface 3.5.0 CONFIG)
> 	macro_bool_to_01(KFACE_FOUND HAVE_KFACE)
> 	endif(KFACE_FOUND)
> which works just fine here, with and without libkface, and will also play
> nice with Portage and USE flags on Gentoo. Would you please verify that
> this is also okay on other systems?

Yes, this works also with other systems.

I've pushed this to git master, with the slight change of using Kface_FOUND 
instead of KFACE_FOUND. Since the uppercase variable is only used for 
compatibility, this should reduce confusion as to which variable should be set 
to false when one wants to disable libkface.

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