[KPhotoAlbum] Page-Up and Page-Down in the description widget of the annotation dialog

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at web.de
Sat Jun 21 23:13:49 CEST 2014

Hi List :-)

The current state of KPA's annotation dialog is that one can navigate through 
the selected images by pressing the Page-Up and Page-Down key. This is very 
useful, but it doesn't work when the cursor is located in the description 
widget. This does e. g. break the mouse-less workflow when changing a lot of 

The "problem" is that the Page-Up and Page-Down keypresses are handled by the 
textedit widget itself to scroll the text up and down page-wise.

In my opinion, the behavior of the annotation dialog should be consistent and 
a Page-Up or Page-Down keypress should select the previous or next image, no 
matter where the cursor is located. I think this is what the user expects.

I wrote a patch implementing this. It can be found at:

Johannes Zarl thinks the Page-Up and Page-Down keypresses should be handled by 
the textedit widget furthermore, because when we catch them and use them for 
image list navigation, the widget loses the ability to scroll page-wise and 
that would "break the description field".

I think this does not break the widget, as the ability to scroll via the arrow 
keys is still usable, as well as the possibility to scroll via the mouse 
wheel. In addition to that, I'm quite sure that most users don't write 
descriptions that are so long that one would want to use a page-wise 
navigation inside the description widget -- but most users would benefit from 
that more consistent dialog behavior. Or wouldn't at least be bothered with 

To cite what Johannes wrote:
> If you can gather support for this on the mailing-list or convince some
> other person with commit access to push it, I'm fine with it.

And that's what I try to do now ;-)

So what do you think?

Yours, Tobias

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