[KPhotoAlbum] Exporting with symlinks

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Mon Jul 1 05:59:00 CEST 2013

In another thread (that I didn't want to hijack),
On Sunday 30 June 2013 18:49:49 Robert Krawitz wrote:

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9) Export the selection to a specified directory, using symlinks or
copies as appropriate.
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I'd like to hear more about exporting using symlinks. I see there's an
option under File->Export, but I've never used it. I also don't know
anything about .kim files (and probably don't need to for the purposes
of this question.)

What I do now is mark a bunch of pictures to use for something (like
taking to the photo shop for prints) with a token.
Then, I go back add a new keyword tag to all the pictures and delete the

Next, I D&D the images into a folder in Dolphin and go from there.

This is inconvenient because I use KPA full screen too, so I resize KPA,
resize Dolphin (it's full screen too - on another desktop), move KPA to
the desktop Dolphin is on so I can do the D&D. Then, I put all the
windows back where they were. Conceptually, it's seriously gruesome, but
it only takes a minute to do. (I do this because, last I tried it, using
copy and paste didn't work on image selections. This may have been "fixed".)

Aside from all of that, I usually end up having a bunch of duplicate
images somewhere on my disk (outside of the KPA tree!) and using
symlinks would be great. Exactly how does that work?


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