[KPhotoAlbum] A few stacking issues

Robert Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jan 21 01:06:55 CET 2013

I have a few stacking issues.  I'm using stacking in combination with
shooting RAW+JPEG, so each shot has two files.

1) Recently (possibly when I turned off automatic search for new
   images), kpa stopped autostacking even though I have
   autoStackNewFiles enabled.

2) If I then select Automatically Stack Images, the options are *always*
   set to Stack images that are shot within 2 seconds of each other.
   That isn't what I want; I want stack images based on file version

3) If I export from a selection of stacked images, sometimes I get the
   JPEG and sometimes I get the RAW image.

   I've found three ways to guarantee export of only JPEG or only RAW
   files, but they're all clunky:

   * Expand all stacks and manually select the RAW or JPEG files, and
     export them.

   * Unstack the images, Remove Image from Stack, and in the search box,
     search for *.jpg (or *.cr2), perform the export, and then repeat
     the Automatically Stack Images (having to go through the whole
     rigamarole of changing the options).

   * Expand all stacks, export all the files, and then rm -f the ones I
     don't want.

   What I'd like to do, when operating on images in stacks, is for each
   operation be able to specify which image(s) in each stack I want to
   use (possibly with an option to apply the rule to all files or pick
   one for each file individually).  Some simple possibilities would be:

   i) Operate on RAW files only

   ii) Operate on RAW files, or JPEG if no RAW exists

   iii) Operate on JPEG files only

   iv) Operate on JPEG files, or RAW files if no other file exists.

   I realize people use stacking for other purposes, so that's not the
   be-all and end-all.

Export itself has some issues:

1) The default is always manually copy next to .kim file (which seems
   like the least useful option).  I don't see the point of this at all;
   it really amounts to "don't copy files", which would be a more
   obvious name.

2) The default is always to generate thumbnails, which I don't want.

3) I'd like a way to suppress generation of the .kim file altogether.  I
   normally use file export to pull a bunch of files out of the tree to
   do something with them (edit, upload, what have you) outside of kpa.

4) One potentially useful function, which I'm not sure whether would
   work, would be to export a .kim file, and then import it into another
   instance of kpa, merging (or overwriting) metadata from one instance
   to the other.  The use case is that I usually run kpa on my laptop,
   and do all my image tagging there.  I'd like to be able to export the
   tags (but not the images, which I copy by other means) to my server,
   so that I could shadow the database there.

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