[KPhotoAlbum] No final newline in index.xml - Re: KPhotoAlbum 4.4 is out

Martin Jost lists at majo.name
Sun Feb 17 21:36:02 CET 2013

Am 11.02.2013 06:14, schrieb Miika Turkia:
> The main improvements on this version are support for libkipi 2.0.0
> and greatly improved save time for the image database. Now it is also
> possible to remove duplicate images while merging the tags to the
> remaining image. And naturally a couple of bugs got fixed as well.


thanks for KPA 4.4 !

I have a (minor) complain:
Probably due to the saving speed up, now KPA once more doesn't write a
final newline to the file.
I'm keeping index.xml under RCS, so rcsdiff complains about this.
I then need to readd the newline to make it work.
Could KPA please write this final newline in the file ?
(And any hints for me for a quick local fix ?)



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