[KPhotoAlbum] Category view problem

Robert Krawitz rlk at alum.mit.edu
Sun Feb 17 00:14:09 CET 2013

I'm having a strange problem with category view.

I frequently keyword every shot I take at an event.  I then select the
ones I'm interested in, and keyword them with the same name, followed by
"selection".  So I might have keywords of

MIT-Babson Jan. 12, 2013


MIT-Babson Jan. 12, 2013 selection

The latter is of course a subcategory of the former.

The problem is that in category view, the number of photos in the parent
category is always shown as either exactly the number of photos in the
selection subcategory, or twice that number.  If I then click on that
row, the correct number is displayed.

It appears, though, that it isn't the name that causes this (if I
keyword the subselection XXXX the same thing happens).

But there's another, much more serious problem.  If I select all the
photos in the subselect category, and type ctrl-2 to tag them all, I
cannot selectively remove them from just the subcategory or the
supercategory.  Initially, both subcategory and supercategory are
checked.  If I check or uncheck either one, both are shown as checked or

If I don't make the selection a subcategory of the main keyword, I don't
have this problem.

In general, it appears that if there is a category/subcategory
relationship, I cannot use ctrl-2 to change just one of the tags on

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