[KPhotoAlbum] lost information

Miika Turkia miika.turkia at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 13:04:19 CET 2012


it seems that you have the xml database for the annotations in place. You
should be able to verify this with starting kphotoalbum with -c parameter
specifying the index.xml (with required path) as parameter.

kphotoalbum -c <path-to-KPHOTOALBUM>/index.xml

The default location is configured to ~/.kde/share/config/kphotoalbumrc
using variable configfile.

The khelpcenter documentation is searched only from system wide location.
If PDF or on-line version of documentation is sufficient for you:

You might want to change the language code to something else than english...

I cannot check the proper location for the khelpcenter documentation
currently so the pdf or on-line versions are your best bets for the time


On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 1:38 PM, Rolf Merle <rome2312 at kpnmail.nl> wrote:

>  Hello,
> Since some months I use KPhotoalbum and was very satisfied until now.
> Really a great tool.
> But now I have a problem and I try to explain:
> Working with Linux (Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS) I have two hd on my PC.
> First one with the OS and all working programs, second one for storage of
> files, pictures, video's etc.
> On this secon HD I created a file named 'KPHOTOALBUM'. In this file more
> then 11.000 pictures.
> I annotated all fotos following the normal procedure and categorised in
> places, happenings, peoples and so on.
> Some weeks ago I had to re-install Ubuntu 12.04 on the first mentioned HD.
> During this procedure I didn't touch at all the second HD with all
> pictures on.
> Now I lost all annotations. Regarding in the register of the file KPHOTO I
> see this:
> So it is clear that the xml files are new after I looked for the all
> annotations in the program itself and I did some test with new annotations.
> What was happened in your opinion??? Can I get back all the annotations I
> did before???
> Imagine for 11.000 pictures it will be a hell of a job to do it over.
> Second question:
> If I want to open this 'documentation' the program says 'no such file' .
> Can you help me with those problems??
> Thanks and have a nice day
> Rolf
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