[KPhotoAlbum] git master-branch doesn't compile

Johannes Zarl isilmendil at gmx.net
Wed Jun 13 19:29:48 CEST 2012

On Wednesday 13 June 2012 06:58:15 Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> > > > 0002-Fix-compiler-warnings-wrong-cast-unused-params.patch
> > > 
> > > I've applied the first part to this, leaving the warning in, as I
> > > really do
> > > not want to forget about this code. That these variables are not used
> > > concerns me quite a bit.
> > 
> > Yeah, me too. But I was not sure whether the function should do something
> > with those parameters, or if the function interface should be
> > simplified...
> > 
> > > So I apply each of them, and I want to make a minor change (patch 1 had
> > > some vi stuff added to the end, and some whitespace changes, patch to
> > > removed a waning I wanted to keep in there).
> It is a virtual method. The unused parameters are used in many other
> places.

Ah. Should have taken a second look... ;-)

> > Well, I kind of intentionally smuggled this (and other) vi modelines into
> > files I touched, so I don't mess up the indentation by accident. If you
> > don't want them I'll try to avoid them in the future(*)...
> Well that is OK, I just didn't want it in as part of a patch. BTW: You
> should try Qt Creator for Qt development. Trust me, I'm a die hard emacs
> user (Who even wrote a book on Emacs), but I prefer Qt Creator for coding
> these days.

I guess one look doesn't hurt. Although so far every time I tried a graphical 
IDE so far, I was missing the text-manipulation abilities of vim. I guess 
those new GUI-thingies everyone is talking about these days are just a hype 
that will go away any day now *g*


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