[KPhotoAlbum] image search question

Tuomas Suutari tuomas.suutari at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 10:01:01 CEST 2012


On 24 April 2012 23:20, Markus Grabner <grabner at icg.tugraz.at> wrote:
> Regardless of the use case, there really seems to be some undesirable
> behaviour here (aka "bug" :-). I did the following:
> *) I added the tag "George" to all photos of my neighbor George.
> *) I added the tag "Scream" (the name of a music group) to all photos taken in
> the context of this music group.
> *) Since George is a member of Scream, I added "George" as a subcategory of
> "Scream".
> Now I would expect the following query results:
> 1.) query "George" -> all photos of George
> 2.) query "George&Scream" -> all photos of George taken in the context of
> Scream
> The first query works as expected, but the second query gives exactly the same
> results as the first one, which I don't think makes sense. So my questions
> are:
> *) Should the two queries above really give the same results?

Yes. See below.

> *) If yes, how can I tag the images and/or rewrite the query to get only those
> photos of George which also include the tag "Scream"?

I don't think you can make a search like that in KPA with that tag
configuration. Searching for a tag X currently means "Give me all
files tagged with X or with Y where Y is direct or indirect
subcategory of X", i.e. tag X is expanded (recursively) to all its

What you seem to want is a search "Give me all files tagged with X
(but ignore the subcategories of X)". So it seems that you're
requesting a new feature here.

Though, as others have shown already, there are many ways to configure
tags so that searching for "George&Scream" is possible even without
that new feature in KPA.


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