[KPhotoAlbum] image search question

Johannes Zarl isilmendil at gmx.net
Wed Apr 25 00:08:58 CEST 2012

On Tuesday 24 April 2012 22:20:16 Markus Grabner wrote:
> Regardless of the use case, there really seems to be some undesirable
> behaviour here (aka "bug" :-). I did the following:
> *) I added the tag "George" to all photos of my neighbor George.
> *) I added the tag "Scream" (the name of a music group) to all photos taken
> in the context of this music group.
> *) Since George is a member of Scream, I added "George" as a subcategory of
> "Scream".
> Now I would expect the following query results:
> 1.) query "George" -> all photos of George
> 2.) query "George&Scream" -> all photos of George taken in the context of
> Scream 
> The first query works as expected, but the second query gives exactly the
> same results as the first one, which I don't think makes sense. So my
> questions are:
> *) Should the two queries above really give the same results?

Yes. Both queries are the same, because all Photos tagged "George" are per 
definition of subcategory members of "Scream".

> *) If yes, how can I tag the images and/or rewrite the query to get only
> those photos of George which also include the tag "Scream"?

With the given scenario, that's not possible, because you told KPA that all 
photos of George implicitly have the tag "Scream". Look at it this way the tag 
"Scream" means "A member of the music group Scream". Even if George is fishing 
alone by some lake, he is still a member of the music group.
If "Scream" is not an inherent thing to all "George" photos, you should keep 
both tags separate.

A possible resolution would be to leave "George" as a subtag to "Scream" in 
category Persons, but add a tag like "Scream Concert" to the keywords. That 
way you can search for photos of the band-members of Scream (Persons->Scream), 
that were shot in the context of a scream concert (Keywords->Scream concert). 

Btw. if you attend many such concerts, it would make sense to have keywords 
"Scream world tour 2012" or "Scream live at New York" as sub-tags to "Scream 


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