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Markus Grabner grabner at icg.tugraz.at
Tue Apr 24 22:40:44 CEST 2012

On Monday 23 April 2012 03:58:58 josephj at main.nc.us wrote:
> Big picture - maybe a rant ;)  ...
> As I said earlier, I'm not super at databases, but one of the most
> fundamental concepts I did learn was normalization.  Aside from being very
> nice and tidy mathematically, the main point of using it was to avoid all
> sorts of problems like this.
> If you're going to use tag subcategories, they should be strict.  I.e. if
> pool is under hotel a, that's the only place it should be because being a
> subcategory implies that it is just that, a subcategory of the
> supercategory.  If it's not a true subset, then it should just be a
> keyword or attribute that can be applied to any object.
It's interesting (though not surprising) to see how the technical background 
of the users affects their expectation of what the software would do in 
certain situations. I am working in the field of computer graphics, and the 
data structure used to represent (sub-)categories in KPA (a directed acyclic 
graph) is so commonplace in computer graphics that I was happy to see and 
eager to use it in KPA. The same seems not to be true for databases, which you 
are probably more familiar with than me.

Aside from this, I believe that allowing subcategories to be arranged not only 
in strict subset relations is a deliberately designed and implemented feature 
in KPA since a strict subset editor would have been much easier to implement 
(using the editing capablities of the QTreeView class). However, the default 
behaviour of the current implementation in KPA has some ambiguities which 
should be resolved.

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