[KPhotoAlbum] image search question

Johannes Zarl isilmendil at gmx.net
Sun Apr 22 23:42:07 CEST 2012

Hi Markus,

As Joe already said, the easiest way to do this is to make the "Pool" tag 
independent of "Hotel A" and "Hotel B". And in fact they are independent: not 
all pool photos belong to Hotel A (or B), and not all photos of Hotel A (or B) 
are pool photos.

An example where it would be appropriate to have some sub-category belong to 
more than one super-category would be when the super-categories are in some 
way orthogonal. E.g. if you had another category "Poolbar at Hotel A", it 
would make sense to make it a sub-category of both "Hotel A" and "Pool".

Regarding your queries (and assuming you have "Pool" independent from the two 
Hotel categories):
> > *) search for all photos from hotel A,
Select "Hotel A"

> > *) search for all photos from the pool of hotel A,
Select "Hotel A", then select "pool" (or vice versa).

Hope this helps,

On Sunday 22 April 2012 22:34:12 josephj at main.nc.us wrote:
> I'm not an expert at KPhotoAlbum or queries, but ...
> What you did makes sense and probably ought to work.
> It might be easier to code pool separately from hotels - sort of a
> normalization thing - maybe as some sort of amenities category, etc. or
> just as a separate keyword.
> Joe
> > 	Hi all!
> > 	
> >     I have a question regarding the use of the image search function. I
> > 
> > tagged
> > a bunch of images, including those from the stays at two different
> > hotels, say
> > "hotel A" and "hotel B". Both of them had a pool, so I added "pool" as a
> > subcategory of both. Now if I want to see all photos taken at a hotel
> > pool, I
> > simply search for "pool" and get all pool photos from hotel A and hotel
> > B. But
> > when I search for the tag "hotel A" (to see all photos taken at hotel A),
> > I
> > get all photos taken at hotel A *and* all photos taken at the pool of
> > hotel B.
> > I think this is because "pool" is a subcategory of "hotel A" and
> > therefore automatically included in the query, but then also matches
> > images which don't
> > have the "hotel A" tag. This behaviour seems to be a bug to me, but maybe
> > I
> > misunderstood how image queries should be formulated, so could somebody
> > please
> > explain how (in the above example) I should write a query to
> > *) search for all photos from hotel A,
> > *) search for all photos from the pool of hotel A,
> > or should I tag the images differently to perform such queries?
> > 
> > 	Thanks & kind regards,
> > 	
> > 		Markus

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