[KPhotoAlbum] image search question

Markus Grabner grabner at icg.tugraz.at
Sun Apr 22 22:01:46 CEST 2012

	Hi all!

    I have a question regarding the use of the image search function. I tagged 
a bunch of images, including those from the stays at two different hotels, say 
"hotel A" and "hotel B". Both of them had a pool, so I added "pool" as a 
subcategory of both. Now if I want to see all photos taken at a hotel pool, I 
simply search for "pool" and get all pool photos from hotel A and hotel B. But 
when I search for the tag "hotel A" (to see all photos taken at hotel A), I 
get all photos taken at hotel A *and* all photos taken at the pool of hotel B. 
I think this is because "pool" is a subcategory of "hotel A" and therefore 
automatically included in the query, but then also matches images which don't 
have the "hotel A" tag. This behaviour seems to be a bug to me, but maybe I 
misunderstood how image queries should be formulated, so could somebody please 
explain how (in the above example) I should write a query to
*) search for all photos from hotel A,
*) search for all photos from the pool of hotel A,
or should I tag the images differently to perform such queries?

	Thanks & kind regards,

Markus Grabner
Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision
Graz University of Technology, Inffeldgasse 16a/II, 8010 Graz, Austria
WWW: http://www.icg.tugraz.at/Members/grabner

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