[KPhotoAlbum] Mass editing/checking tags

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Mon Nov 21 12:30:17 CET 2011

Just something to think about:

I haven't read through the list in awhile, but I believe that the tag 
database is just that - probably some flavor of sql.

Is there any way (preferably without much programming) to talk directly 
to the database and do data cleaning, etc.?

What I have in mind currently:  I have a large number of animal 
pictures.  I would like to automagically ensure that all pictures tagged 
as "faun" are also tagged as "deer" and "animal".  Similarly, all "home" 
locations are also tagged as "Buffalo" (as in NY ;)     ).

It would be really cool if I could just build an end-user level table of 
rules and apply it automatically.  Things like If "faun", then "deer".  
If "deer", then "animal" and If "home" and (non-null location) Not 
"Buffalo" then "needs editing".  The last one adds a lot of complexity, 
but it points out the idea of dependent tags and the possibility of 
mutually exclusive tags.

I have a lot of photos (around 24k so far) in KPA and I'm developing my 
tagging criteria as I go.  This makes it almost certain that my tags are 
incomplete and inconsistent - and that's what databases are perfect for 

This is more of a design direction request.  Making it easy to use would 
take a lot of thought and probably a lot of code.


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