[KPhotoAlbum] Bugfix-Suggestion Annotation Dialog

Miika Turkia miika.turkia at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 06:08:58 CET 2011

On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 12:00 AM, Steffen Jost <steffenjost at web.de> wrote:

> On 07.11.2011 18:58, Miika Turkia wrote:
>> All suggestions and especially working and tested patches are highly
>> appreciated. It has been a bit too quiet on the development side lately
>> so new, anxious coders are more than welcome ;)
> Well, I could polish and contribute my HTML export theme, if this is of
> interest too. It notably features the description above the image and does
> not show a picture's title.
> Since I am not good at HTML either, my theme is mainly a reshuffling of
> Miika Turkia's Dark v1.0.1 theme. ;) I still need to fiddle around with the
> coloring and sizing a bit, since it looks odd in Chrome, but fine in
> Firefox and Konqeror.

When you throw in IE everything will break even worse. At least that is my
experience with the HTML themes. Just something you should probably also
test for as that is still way too common browser.

Anyway, adding a new theme was how I got started with hacking KPA (along
with some bug fixes). And it certainly won't hurt to have one more to
choose from.

> Another thing I would really like to have would be multi-language support
> for picture descriptions. So my quick fix idea was to just duplicate the
> description field, so that each one could be used for one language. I think
> I could manage this, however, it is also just a bad hack, and would not
> really deal with the general issue.

My current hack for this is to just write it all to the description field
with a bit of HTML in between. And use CSS to display only the default
language. With JavaScript I change the language to Finnish if the browser
yells loud enough this to be the preferred language. (Unfortunately access
to the browser's full language support would require server side code but
at least I can get the highest priority language from modern browsers with

I think a better way to implement this would be to allow the user to add
> more custom text fields. The user can add more categories, so why not allow
> the user to add custom text fields?
> Essentially it would mean that categories come in two flavors: one with
> tick boxes like they are now, and another one that just adds another text
> box. In principle, one can already achieve something similar by putting
> long description text as a category item, but of course this is awkward to
> edit in a single line.
> I am willing to work on it, but I would need some guidance, as this is
> beyond my current capabilities in C++ and Qt. I am a functional programmer,
> and the imperative world is just frightening. ;)

I have thought in similar lines but never got past the horrors of touching
GUI code. So go for it and I'll try to throw in advice if need be and I
know the answers. I bet this feature would be useful for others too...

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