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View -> Sort Selected by Date & Time


This does not work. For example, two photos originally had the EXIF times in 2005. Now, all the EXIF times shown in the EXIF viewer show the correct date/time in 2008. However, the photos still appear in with the 2005 photos.  If I look at the photos with a file browser>Detailed List View, the date shown there is 2005, but all the EXIF information shows 2008. It appears that the sorting in KPA is being done by that file date, not the date in the EXIF information. I remember that, once upon a time, I was able to get KPA to sort by the EXIF creation date instead of the file date.  I could probably use jhead or something to set the file date to the EXIF date (and maybe I should), but I do recall at one time being able to sort by the EXIF date instead of the file date.

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