[KPhotoAlbum] Internal Error

Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 23 17:10:14 CEST 2011

As a result of suggestions, I compiled KPA from the git file that Mike sent me.  I think it was working OK on my laptop. However, when I did the install on my main working system (Kubuntu 11.04), when I first open it, I get the following error:

InternalError - KPhotoAlbum

KPhotoAlbum hit an internal error (missing plug-in
menu in MainWindow::setupPluginMenu).
This indicate that you forgot to do a make install. If
you did compile KPhotoAlbum yourself, then please
run make install. If not, please report this as a bug.

KPhotoAlbum will continue execution, but it is not
entirely unlikely that it will crash later on due to the
missing make install.

It does run, but lots of things seem to be missing. In particular, under "Edit" there is no option to delete a selected file, "Tip of the Day" is empty, etc. What do I do? The git file is in my ~/Downloads, and I changed it to install in /opt/kpa instead of /tmp/kpa.  



What do I do now to fix the problem?
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