[KPhotoAlbum] KPhotoAlbumWorkflow RAW - (geo) tagging etc

Wes Hardaker kpa at capturedonearth.com
Thu Jun 16 16:27:43 CEST 2011

>>>>> On Tue, 14 Jun 2011 15:57:27 +0200, Eildert Groeneveld <eildert.groeneveld at onlinehome.de> said:

EG> 5. now the raw images should get batch converted to JPG; how can
EG> that be done for a given camera (canon 20D); how can that be done?

FYI, there are a number of things that can covert raw files
automatically.  "convert" from ImageMagick will actually just convert
cr2 files to jpg.  ufraw-batch will take an export-settings from ufraw
and apply it to a bunch of files as well, which is nice if you have a
bunch of pictures that all need the same settings.

The trick with RAW though is that you really don't want to apply
"standard settings" to most conversions since you're defeating most of
the purpose of shooting in raw in the first place.

EG> 7. Tagging: here I have used kphotoalbum thus far; I understand that
EG> it stores the tags in a proprietory format (no proper migration path
EG> anywhere else) and what about the gps coodinates from 3.? Also, if
EG> tagging is done in kp the RAWs will not be tagged. That would be
EG> doable but clearly less than optimal!

I'm not sure "proprietory" is the right word.  Yes, it does store the
data in a file format specific to kphotoalbum, but I've written a bunch
of scripts over the years to extract and modify tags in the KPA
index.xml file to get at the data.  It's a fairly accessible format,
even if it is application specific..
Wes Hardaker
Captured On Earth Photography

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