[KPhotoAlbum] Workflow RAW - (geo) tagging etc

Eildert Groeneveld eildert.groeneveld at onlinehome.de
Tue Jun 14 15:57:27 CEST 2011

Hei Folks

I have been playing around with raw conversion of my Canon 20D raw
outputs for the last few weeks, trying a number of packages available on
Linux (rawtherapy, ufraw to name but a few).
Then I also installed darktable and here I am.

I must confess, that the whole area is overwhelming and with these huge
lists of features it is difficult to tell the difference between
essential and not so. Thus, getting a clear view of the complete issue
seems to be the problem.

A number of years ago I started using kphotoalbum which serves well when
it comes to managing and tagging photos (jpeg).
However, the tags are kphotoalbum specific, so thats what I am stuck

Now I have got myself a geotagger (igotU2 dx-600) which produces a nice
gpx log and lasts long enough for a couple of days, when on a tour.

Now comes the workflow:
1. copy the CR2 files to an initial directory. which should have
   structure, like "2011-12-Japan" because my media player which is
attached to
   the TV set only presents the directory structure; without such names
   nothing can be found

2. delete bad fotos during initial screening

3. copy the gpx file from the logger to that same DIR

4. Ideally, the gps coordinates should get inserted into the CR2 files
   further use. For jpg gpscorrelate is perfect: one command and all jpg
   have the coordinates inserted. Alternatively, an xmp sidecar could be
   However, this makes sense only, if kphotoalbum is able to import/use
   content. Is this possible?

5. now the raw images should get batch converted to JPG; how can that be
   for a given camera (canon 20D); how can that be done?

6. the JPGs that are not good enough need further developing with
   would these be the major blocks?
   1. white balance
   2. exposure
   3. ??
   4. ?? (what is really important what less?)

7. Tagging: here I have used kphotoalbum thus far; I understand that it
   the tags in a proprietory format (no proper migration path anywhere
   and what about the gps coodinates from 3.? Also, if tagging is done
in kp
   the RAWs will not be tagged. That would be doable but clearly less
than optimal!

so folks, any suggestions in this regards? I assume that nearly everyone
faces these
issues. So perhaps getting examples how others do this may be

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