[KPhotoAlbum] KPhotoAlbum Crashes when viewing thumbnails

Murray Strome wmstrome at yahoo.com
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Hi Milika,

I am finally home and about to try the file you sent me. I am not very adept at compiling etc. so I would appreciate it if you could give me (or point me to) some simple instructions as to how to do this. In particular. My current version is in: /usr/bin/kphotoalbum

So, where should I extract the file? Do you recomment ~/tmp or /tmp? (or /opt?). Do I need to run it as root (i.e. sudo  /tmp/kpa/kde4-install/bin/kphotoalbum -c <picturepath>/index.xml). Right now, the file is in ~/Downloads. I assume that I will need to make it executable. Is that correct?

I have upgraded my LINUX on one machine to Kubuntu 11.04. I thought it was working OK, but after a while it still crashed. 

Thanks for your help.


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there is a bugfix in the development version of KPA that is not included in the "stock" version of Ubuntu's kphotoalbum. Applied on 2010-12-22 and it fixes some exif related crashes. This might well be the bug you are hitting.

Unfortunately I do not currently know any other way to make sure than compiling KPA yourself from the development version. (Attached script grabs the current source from git and compiles it. Everything is done under /tmp but I myself use /opt instead. Note that the KPA compiled like this does not find your current image dir without aid as the KDEHOME is under /tmp. Run as follows if you want to give it a try: /tmp/kpa/kde4-install/bin/kphotoalbum -c <picturepath>/index.xml)


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