[KPhotoAlbum] Picture selection workflow, etc.

Wes Hardaker kpa at capturedonearth.com
Fri Dec 30 01:27:40 CET 2011

>>>>> On Thu, 29 Dec 2011 16:09:58 +0200, "Risto H. Kurppa" <risto at kurppa.fi> said:

RHK> After importing a new set of photos, say birthday photos of a friend,
RHK> I go through them in viewer. I press D for each photo that will be
RHK> deleted. R for every photo I'm in, and so on, basically I add a token
RHK> for each person I want to tag in those photos. Then I search all
RHK> photos with D token, delete those, select all with R, add myself as a
RHK> tag in those photos etc. This way I get all people tagged by going
RHK> through them once in viewer (being able to see them full screen is
RHK> nice ;) and then I make one search for token + tag round for each
RHK> token I used.

You can also do this when in full-screen mode:

1) Add the D token to an image
2) hit F1
3) type "/Pe"... until it prints "People" in the top part of the display
   window (if you don't see a information window, hit ctrl-i once or
   possibly twice).
4) type the first few letters of your name until it adds your name to
   set of people tags in the display window
5) hit F2

Now, got through the rest of the pictures and hit F1 for pictures you
want to delete, and F2 for ones with you in it.

(and obviously, you can take this further as well)
Wes Hardaker
Captured On Earth Photography

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