[KPhotoAlbum] Picture selection workflow, etc.

Tim McCormack kpa at brainonfire.net
Wed Dec 28 23:16:15 CET 2011

On Wed, 28 Dec 2011 03:10:28 -0500, Joe wrote:
> 2) When I'm selecting-by-tag a lot of pictures (using a tag as
> above), a lot of things can happen to make me lose my place in the
> large collection of pictures [...] When something like this happens,
> I lose track of where I am and what's selected-by-tagand what's not.

You might also try using Tokens, which you can add and remove by typing
A-Z when a picture is selected. (There is some unspecific toggling
semantics here, though.)

It would be really nice to have a feature that toggled an overlay of
which Tokens were selected for each photo.

 - Tim

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