[KPhotoAlbum] HTML function and rotate

Christian Placzek c.placzek at gmx.de
Tue Dec 6 12:52:19 CET 2011


  Hello, I've got a question about the function 'Generate HTML'. 
When I use this function the photos aren't displayed correct, if 
there is a rotation information located in EXIF. Dophin, Gwenview, 
firefox and other picture viewer rotate the picture correct. But if 
I view it with the kphotoalbum generated HTML files the picture 
isn't rotated. I've looked at the HTML code but couldn't find 
anything useful.

The slideshow in kphotoalbum show me the same behavior. I've tried 
to switch off and on the 'Use EXIF orientation information' under 
settings. But no luck the EXIF tag seems to be ignored.

I use the following versions: kphotoalbum 4.1.1, KDE 4.7.2, 
libexif12 0.6.20-1, Debian sid (aptosid)

Could anybody give me a hint?


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