[KPhotoAlbum] feature suggestion

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Wed Aug 3 09:41:02 CEST 2011

Forwarded to the list in case anyone wants to pick up your suggestion.


On Wednesday 03 August 2011 08:08:01 John E. Finley wrote:
> Hi Kphotoalbum guys,
> I'm still using 3.1.1 because I haven't yet upgraded my Ubuntu LTS
> (still on 8.04-Hardy). And yes, I'm not running KDE. Kphotoalbum works
> fine except none of the video stuff works, and I can't add supergroups
> (stuck with "People, Places, Keywords"). But the rest of the stuff
> does such a good job that I'm happy to live with it until I get around
> to upgrading my OS and adding KDE.
> I've heard that a lot of new cameras include GPS coordinates in the
> EXIF (or somewhere). I don't know if it's true: my older digital does
> not BUT I sometimes add the location to the comments, so I can find
> the spot again (a roadside campsite, a waterfall, or other thing
> without an "address").
> Here's my suggestion for an added feature for Kphotoalbum:
> Include a link/button which will launch Google Maps (or whatever
> site/service a user uses) and show the location the photo was taken.
> Ideally, this info can be pulled from the picture (if the camera puts
> it there) and/or edited manually. A possible complication is that
> different sites/services may use different formats for locations. This
> might not be a very hot idea, but I thought I'd throw it at you
> anyway.
> ...And, of course, porting to Gnome would simplify things for *me*...
> In the meantime, thanks for a great app! (...which promises to get
> even better when I finally get around to upgrading my OS.)
>           - John

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