[KPhotoAlbum] 'playlists'

Eildert Groeneveld eildert.groeneveld at onlinehome.de
Mon Sep 27 08:25:29 CEST 2010

Dear All

as a long time kphotoalbum user, I have been wondering about a feature that
I would have assumed is somewhere in that loooong list of features in
kphotoalbum.  This is the abilty to create "playlists": photos are there
to be shown, and for that one has to create subsets for the intended

How do you do this in kphotoalbum?
If it does not already exist, what feature would I like to use?

1. in kphotoalbum, select a set of photos and have them presented as thumbnails
2. select those that I want included in my 'playlist'
3. have a menu item (or rightclick?) that allows to add those marked to a named list
4. save the named list to a directory, which I could perhaps call holiday_2010-20min
5. this dir would contain the files chosen as links.

with this setup the kphotoalbum directories could be used by standard uPnP protocols like 
those that are available on newer TV sets: one could browse and find the dir 
holiday_2010-20min and play it.

Is such a feature missing or is there a clever other way of achieving the same?


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