[KPhotoAlbum] Thumbnail latency

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at kde.org
Sun Sep 5 20:49:07 CEST 2010

OK, you make a good point.
Would you be able to make a patch for this?


On Sunday 05 September 2010 11:21:03 Joe wrote:
|   On 08/25/2010 02:29 PM, Tero Tilus wrote:
| > Joe, 2010-08-25 20:04:
| >> On 08/21/2010 03:29 AM, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
| >>> Are you referring to the box you see when you uses Settings->show
| >>> tooltips in thumbnail window?
| >> 
| >> Yes.
| >> 
| >> I need to scan through a lot of photos picking a selection for an
| >> album (by tagging them).  Hovering to get a larger image helps me
| >> make selections if it doesn't work too fast.  I can keep the
| >> originals small and see many more per screen.
| > 
| > That's exactly what I use that hover feature for.  You can easily turn
| > it off for a while when you don't necessarily need it.  C-t iirc.
| Cntrl-T is helpful, but doesn't solve the problem.
| The problem is that I need to turn it on and leave it on for relatively
| long sessions when I am selecting/searching through pictures, but when
| it is turned on, it is almost completely unusable because I get a
| preview for every image I move the mouse over while I'm trying to get
| from one image I'm looking at to the next one of interest. This is
| *extremely* disorienting and distracting! It even makes it hard to find
| the next image of interest because it may be covered up by a preview of
| an image that just happened to be "in the way". (and it took quite some
| effort to describe it politely like that!)
| dolphin (the file browser - and konqueror too) has this same feature,
| but only displays previews for objects that the mouse has "lingered" on
| for some time (I'm guessing - around 200ms or so). That way, if you move
| the mouse normally, you see a preview for the object you started on and,
| next, a preview for the object you stopped on without everything in
| between that you are essentially just trying to get past.
| The point is that adding a (hopefully) tiny modification to the preview
| code that says something like "ignore a mouseover event if lasts less
| than 200ms" should completely fix this issue and make kpa behave the way
| other successful applications do.
| It's *little* things like this that make or break a gui!
| Another one that's similar, but far less severe (and probably more of a
| user preference issue), is the way that drag and drop works. In kpa,
| dragging and dropping a set of selected images causes all the images to
| move across the screen. This is very dramatic (and cool the first time
| you see it), but I find it ultimately very distracting. The way dolphin
| handles this is to modify the mouse cursor so you know a drag and drop
| is in progress. It doesn't look like what you're doing is ripping your
| data/display apart - and it doesn't rivet your attention on the object
| you're manipulating when it should be focused on the destination you're
| trying to get to.
| Joe
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