[KPhotoAlbum] charset="InvalidCharsetId"

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Mon Jun 29 12:26:32 CEST 2009

 Hi Joe, and welcome to the KPA list.

> It beats the heck out of Picasa (although I do miss multiple albums).
> And they have a lot more money and programmers to work with.

 They may have more money, but our programmers are
 smarter and more helpful!  (And they're not immune to
 the effects of flattery, apparently.)

> When I select Annotate Items, all of my items (all created and
> uploaded by me from my camera - Olympus FE230) have what looks like a
> notes or comments box which contains (only):
> *charset="InvalidCharsetId" .  *I assume somebody is using a font,
> etc. that's not on my machine.
> How do I find out what font, etc. is missing and how do I fix it?

 Interesting problem.

 What I'd do (but some of this depends on your level of
 expertise, interest, and patience - as someone who actually
 knows the answer may pop up in a few minutes).

 Bang in a photo that didn't come from your camera - this is
 to prove out that it's related to your system (font) and not
 your camera doing something weird.

 If the problem persists ...

 I'd run exifinfo / exiflist against one of the guilty pictures, and
 do a visual check on whether there are some obvious weirdnesses
 with the exifinfo.  I'm assuming it's exif rather than filenames that
 are confusing the app here, as your mail address ends in .us

 I'd then run kpa using the strace command - this will be packaged
 up for Ubuntu - and is a powerful and useful command to know, if
 you don't already.  You run (from a konsole)

 $   strace   kphotoalbum

 You'll get a *LOT* of gumpf come through, which you can ignore,
 but go back to the konsole when you start to see the charset=Invalid
 message, and see if you can identify what font is failing to be
 found.  For extra points you'd tee the output of strace so you can
 grep it later.


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